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I recently found out that I have Bacterial Vaginosis without going to the doctor. I just researched like crazy! I am sexually active with the same partner, he was my first and all I've ever been with. After 10 months of being with him, nothing was ever wrong. However I somehow managed to get this awful infection. It really brought my self esteem down! When he would want to do it, I'd just have to make up excuses and you could tell that he was getting discourged. So, without telling my mom, I went to Walmart and got Stonyfield plain Greek Yogurt with no fat, and Vagisil pH balance wash. I hurried home and secretly tried this remedy. I took a tampon and dipped it in the yogurt and left it in there for about 3 hours. After that, I got a shower and washed with the Vagisil. After my shower, I took the whole tampon (without indicator) and rolled it around in a small bowl of the yogurt, and inserted it. I only left it in for about 2 hours that time, so when I took it out I went to bed. Took it out the next morning and the horrid, fishy smell was gone! I'm so happy! Please try this ladies, it does work!

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You really should visit your doctor about it because it may be something other than BV. Even if you did thorough research, other conditions produce the same symptoms as BV. You should get screened with your doctor just to be sure, and even if you were correct and it is BV, they might be able to give you some medicine to help.


You can't know for certain what it is without going to the doctor. If it comes back, please visit your gynecologist.

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