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this may be hard to hear, but there is no magical cure-all for angular chelitis. I suffer from this disease, and have found that copious amounts of carmex, and good nutrition is effective for me. this in mind, i also have a relatively mild case, and know how to catch recurrences quickly. I tried a lo of stuff before settling on my cure, and did a lot of research, and had some people swear carmex only agrravated their spots, while others claimed it worked wonders. The dish soap cure is supposed to work wonders, but i found a guy who also swore it only aggravated his condition. I did find almost universally though that picking or toouching it just serves to worsen it. there is something that works for everyone, be it vinegar, vitamin supplements, petroleum products (carmex), vagisil, or some obscure cream. try until you find somehting that works, and yes there is something that will work for you. I reccommend trying petroleum jelly products if you havent already, and if you have a really severe, inconvenient case, using the dishsoap method.good luck!

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