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ACV on two different warts & so far… 2 different conclusions?

So I had these two warts for about eight months and Moderately treated the both of them using all of the suggested techniques. I was taking all of the suggested vitamins as well. Recently, I noticed that nothing was really working and since I was taking breaks here and there I decided to get serious.

The both of them were not very noticeable, almost flat and somewhat circular? If it weren't for finding out my wife had an affair with her old high school boyfriend, I probably wouldn't of suspected anything.

Yeah I know… What a wonderful wife right? Dealing with an affair and STDs at the same time are a real great time. Anyhow, another story for another site I guess?

So I started off by using Q-tips and dipping them in ACV and applying them to the war. I had a whole prepping station with various items set up right next to my toilet so I could sit down and spend as long as I wanted.

I would hold each Q-tip on there for about 5 to 10 minutes applying a little pressure. Then I would get another set of Q-tips, dip them in the cap Filled with a ACV, and go about the same routine.

After the first time, (which was about an hour to an hour and a half), they swelled up and turned noticeably white. Afterwords I applied a thin layer on top of the generic brand salicylic acid and went about my business for the day. It hardens up so I guess I thought that might prevent spreading?

When I came home that night I took a bath and removed the salicylic acid letting it soak for a while. Then before I went to bed I applied another coat of the salicylic acid to cover it once again.

I work in an office by myself so each morning when I took a shower, I would remove last night's salicylic acid covering and go to work. There I would start the Q-tip pressured ACV application once again. Throughout about an hour and a half each time, I will usually go through a cap and a half full of a ACV and about 40 Q-tips.

Within three days they had turned black, brown, and even a little yellowish. After about the fourth day I scaled-back on the salicylic acid. Not really because I didn't think it was not working but mostly because it really tears up your skin combined with the ACV and it did scare me a little.

By now I had what looked like two small craters, (anthill or volcano like), with really gross multi-colored scabs buried in the center. Often I would rub ointment around the raised exterior of the wounds because it was red and irritated looking.

I scaled back on the AVC to about 30 minute applications because although it burned like heck, it looked gross and I wasn't sure how much it penatrated the scabs?

I did this routine for about a week and it took longer then most people for the scabs to fall off. They stayed around for about 4-5 days but now they have left completely.

It's about day 9 and I lost both scabs today. Afterwards I decided to do another ACV application or two but one of them scanned up again immediantly after only about 20 minutes? It's got another rough looking black and grey scab.

The other looks quite different! They're both rather deep so I would assume it would have been enough by now but one doesn't have another scab coming back now do I see fresh new skin underneith? It's got a off-white looking film or maybe soft scab covering over the hole?

I have no idea how either of these holes dont eventually scar up but I don't want to stop now and risk going through this all over again. Does anyone have any advice?

If so, please help!

Also, here's a good tool I picked up! You can download a magnify app, ( some better than others so you'll have to choose the best one), and it really helps with your aim and tracking progress!

Anyhow, any advice on the two different looking wounds?

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It's been around three weeks total since I first started getting serious with this whole thing. The first 7-8 days was ACV application, one to two times a day, for about an hour to hour and a half each time.

As I mentioned before, i filled up a bottle cap full of ACV and kept it and a box of q-tips by my side. About every 6 or 7 minutes I would dip a new q-tip in the cap and apply pressure to the area I was treating. During the first few days i would apply store brand salacidic acid/remover to the area when i was done and let it stay over night until i washed it off during the next mornings shower.

About midway thought the week of treatment I quit that but stayed with the AVC. By now I found I was often just treating a scab until that fell off and was then treating an open wound.

The week that followed displayed some frightening sores! I wanted to follow up to say that now it is nearing the end of the third week, I quit the neosporin to let it heal on its own for a while and that seems to be exactly what is happening.

Things look far better now! Both have new scabs and while one is whitish with a hardening black circle in the center, the other is a darker tone. I feel good that its well on its way to recovery! There's still a pinkish circle on the skin surrounding the scabs but I will restart the neosporin and vitamin E soon to help avoid scaring.

So here's the update... So far so good! I'll try and update again soon. Thanks and good luck!

Also, sorry for errors but this small device I'm typing from is quite difficult to use.

Joey P.

Thanx for the update....the Vitamin E will help once the wound is healed..I'm not sure about the neosporin. .yes pls keep us updated


So here's the latest update...

The last scab appears to have fallen off and now I'm left with new skin. There are two hairs beginning to prickle out the center of where one was... But I think I'll just leave them be for now.

The very spot where the two uglies were is now flat and normal looking. That said, this area and the circle left around it is a light colored pink tone as opposed to the usual white skin.

I assume that alright? After all, to the naked eye it's almost unnoticeable. I see a clear difference when viewing under a magnifying app but it doesn't scare me anymore. I'm back to applying neosporin and vitamin so hopefully that will fade any potential scaring and help it all heal appropriately.

I'll still keep everyone updated and if you have any questions ease don't hesitate to ask.

Joey P.

Yes that's normal and don't pick it....:)) great to hear you're doing better. .hope to hear from you again


Just wanted to tell everyone about the cream I found that I have been using for about a week and have seen some serious improvement it's called Africa's secret some of the ingredients are neem oil ( which if you google has been found to help remove warts) it also has bee pollen and bee propolis. You can find this cream at the whole foods store for about $14 it may not work for everyone but its pretty cheap and worth a shot.


So here's the latest...

One of mine should be gone for sure! The skin looks rough textured and pinkish under a magnifying app... but not as bad to the naked eye? The rough texture of the area isn't pretty but it's hardly recognizable without magnifying it. Also, I assume that's a combination of a little healing and a little scaring rather than any reoccurring wart and it defiantly doesn't look like one coming back. I still put neosporin on it at night so hopefully it will continue to heal.

As for the next one it's very similar in color and texture except for a small, off-white scab in the center. Both areas went through a couple of scabs but this one was the most irritated after treatment and it left the biggest hole so it doesn't seem unusual. It honestly looks 1000% better!

Looking back I noticed my first post was on the 24th of May and today is the 11th of June. My first post was about 9-10 days after I began treatment and approximately 2-3 days after I stopped. Anyhow, I thought that may help everyone to hear my timeframe.

Thanks again and I will try and keep you all updated. After hearing everyone else's desperation in here, (and then experiencing it myself), I feel obligated to help in any way that I can!

Best of luck and I'll keep up the posts!


Hey that's a good news! It's nice of you to keep us update....btw, don't you think you need to lay off the neosporin for the time being just to let your skin heal by itself...?


So here's the latest update.

Today is 29th of June and it appears that everything is gone for good. I have two red marks and one is barely noticeable while the other is not large, but not hard to see either. I assume these are both scars?

Like I said, one is hardly noticeable and more pinker toned but the other I would still like to go away or at least lighten up a bit. I did hold off on the Neosporin for a few weeks but now that the holes have closed up and the redness remained I started applying it overnight again.

I hope the scarring will go away but I guess it's still early to tell? If someone has experienced something similar to this a little advice would be appreciated…?

That said, I'm quite sure there's no more abnormalities on the skin so I'm grateful for that! Now I get to return to dealing with the horrors of trying to get past my wife's affair. From one wound to another… And I'm guessing that this one is going to be even harder to heal. Even though i am trying very hard to forgive and forget, Im not so sure i can win that battle and those scars will probably end up sticking around for a long time.

Still, I wanted to update everyone to let you know that these things can be eradicated! Consistency is the key, that's the best treatment! It took me a long time to get serious and after I did, it took a long time to produce results too!

I may have over treated a little but who's really to say? A day or two less and this story may have ended up quite differently. For very to e out there dealing with anything similar to me, my heart goes out to ya!

I am a good guy, with a good job, a stable lifestyle and a great father/husband. Heck, I'm even a pretty food looking dude also! The point is, this can happen to anyone and its not always your fault! I lived my life the way I was supposed to and only because my wife had an affair with her ex-loser-boyfriend did i catch this disease. It doesn't mean your a slut or a scumbag or a drug addict. Maybe in some cases... But sometimes it just means you put your trust in someone who didn't deserve it. If there's any relief, it in knowing this isn't your fault!

Also, I thank God that scumbag was a coward when I contacted him or else things might have gone very bad!

What can I say... i'm only 34 and once upon a time I was a pretty tough guy. I REALLY didn't want this guy to get away with what he had done to my life. Immature, I know but what else do you do when you find out someone's been having an affair with your wife? Like I said, thank God he was a coward so it didn't go further than a phone call.

Anyhow, I'm done rambling. Thanks again for listening, I hope this is helped and I'll try and keep everyone updated going forward. Good luck to you all!

I apologize for any grammatical errors, this was sent from my phone.

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