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ACV on two different warts & so far… 2 different conclusions?

So I had these two warts for about eight months and Moderately treated the both of them using all of the suggested techniques. I was taking all of the suggested vitamins as well. Recently, I noticed that nothing was really working and since I was taking breaks here and there I decided to get serious.

The both of them were not very noticeable, almost flat and somewhat circular? If it weren't for finding out my wife had an affair with her old high school boyfriend, I probably wouldn't of suspected anything.

Yeah I know… What a wonderful wife right? Dealing with an affair and STDs at the same time are a real great time. Anyhow, another story for another site I guess?

So I started off by using Q-tips and dipping them in ACV and applying them to the war. I had a whole prepping station with various items set up right next to my toilet so I could sit down and spend as long as I wanted.

I would hold each Q-tip on there for about 5 to 10 minutes applying a little pressure. Then I would get another set of Q-tips, dip them in the cap Filled with a ACV, and go about the same routine.

After the first time, (which was about an hour to an hour and a half), they swelled up and turned noticeably white. Afterwords I applied a thin layer on top of the generic brand salicylic acid and went about my business for the day. It hardens up so I guess I thought that might prevent spreading?

When I came home that night I took a bath and removed the salicylic acid letting it soak for a while. Then before I went to bed I applied another coat of the salicylic acid to cover it once again.

I work in an office by myself so each morning when I took a shower, I would remove last night's salicylic acid covering and go to work. There I would start the Q-tip pressured ACV application once again. Throughout about an hour and a half each time, I will usually go through a cap and a half full of a ACV and about 40 Q-tips.

Within three days they had turned black, brown, and even a little yellowish. After about the fourth day I scaled-back on the salicylic acid. Not really because I didn't think it was not working but mostly because it really tears up your skin combined with the ACV and it did scare me a little.

By now I had what looked like two small craters, (anthill or volcano like), with really gross multi-colored scabs buried in the center. Often I would rub ointment around the raised exterior of the wounds because it was red and irritated looking.

I scaled back on the AVC to about 30 minute applications because although it burned like heck, it looked gross and I wasn't sure how much it penatrated the scabs?

I did this routine for about a week and it took longer then most people for the scabs to fall off. They stayed around for about 4-5 days but now they have left completely.

It's about day 9 and I lost both scabs today. Afterwards I decided to do another ACV application or two but one of them scanned up again immediantly after only about 20 minutes? It's got another rough looking black and grey scab.

The other looks quite different! They're both rather deep so I would assume it would have been enough by now but one doesn't have another scab coming back now do I see fresh new skin underneith? It's got a off-white looking film or maybe soft scab covering over the hole?

I have no idea how either of these holes dont eventually scar up but I don't want to stop now and risk going through this all over again. Does anyone have any advice?

If so, please help!

Also, here's a good tool I picked up! You can download a magnify app, ( some better than others so you'll have to choose the best one), and it really helps with your aim and tracking progress!

Anyhow, any advice on the two different looking wounds?

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Joey P.

You mentioned 'holes', that means the sites are now infected as they have become open sores (correct me if I wrong). Do not irritate the already sore spots with ACV, it will only get worse. Let those sores heal by applying antiseptic cream. Cover with a gauze to stop spreading. Wear boxers.

Now you need to boost your immune system. These warts won't rear their ugly heads unless your immune system is down. Each of us have different physiology but what I find most effective in stimulating the immune system and clearing out the symptoms of genital warts and genital herpes (3 months period) are these:

1) Cat's Claw - Solaray 3 capsules TWO times a day
2) Bee Propolis - The Natural Shopper 3 capsules THREE times a day
3) Black Seed Oil - Amazing Herbs 1 teaspoon THREE times a day mixed with raw honey as the taste is quite bitter.

4) Apple Cider Vinegar - GNC 2 tablets TWO times a day

Supplements 1-3 stimulate your immune system as research has shown especially the Black Seed Oil and Bee Propolis while the ACV taken internally will speed up the healing process.

I myself had try these remedies and it took me approximately 2 months to be herpes and warts free. A friend of mine took 3 months and another acquaintance was healed after 1.5 months.

Joey P.

Do you have diabetes? I just hope they are not gangrene. Most prolly they don't scar up is because you got them covered 24/7. Let them breathe. If needed, apply gauze loosely. You may need to apply iodine or liquid propolis topically to speed up the scarring. I'd suggest the propolis

If they still don't scar up, you need to see a doctor

Joey P.


Bee Propolis - The Natural Shopper 1 capsule THREE times a day. I mistakenly stated earlier as 3 capsules. The idea is to take 3000mg (3gm) a day in divided dosage.


Thanks so much for replying! It's been a few days since I posted so I wanted to update for you or anyone else who may be reading this or experiencing something similar.

About two – three days ago, I started adding salt baths to my healing process and scaled back on the neosporin. Also, being a little paranoid I visited the doctor. She told me that what I was seeing inside of the wound, (the white gooey stuff that was frightening me), was really a natural part of the healing process. I asked her about something I read online regarding a fluid our body secretes an attempt to pull the skin back together and she said it was likely that serum I was seeing in the hole. I also asked her if she recommended I take some sort of antibiotic to prevent infection and a prescription grade type of Neosporin for topical application, but she thought it wasn't necessary. She told me that in her opinion, it seems to be healing well.

As I mentioned earlier, I had downloaded an app that allowed you to magnify things from the iPhone. When I would look into the wound it appeared to be rather deep and very scary looking on the inside. Also, I had taken many pictures of the entire process starting from the day I began to apply ACV and throughout the healing process as well.

In the pictures it looked scary and was surrounded by red or pinkish tones in a deep crater like wound But to the naked eye it just looked like a hole was swelling around it. I showed her the pictures and the actual sores and she still seemed to feel confident that I wasn't in need of any medical assistance and that it was feeling alright. It does seem to be healing slowly but since I haven't applied ACV in almost a week now and I haven't had any complications other than the ugly appearance of it, I guess I can rule out infection at this point?

She did however think that I may be taking too many baths and covering it with Neosporin too much. She recommended that I gave those things a break for a little while and let it heal on its own. She thought maybe I was keeping it too moist?

As of now I am taking vitamins and supplements and I will certainly look into getting the ones you recommended, thanks so much! In the meantime, maybe I will scale back on the Neosporin and so many baths per day to see if it heals. Once the whole is closed though, I'll probably get back to applying something so I can prevent scoring as much as possible. Any recommendations would be awesome!

That said, I'm quite sure there is no possible way any wart could have lived through that! Still, I'll try and keep everyone updated. Thanks so much and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


By the way… I meant to say 'prevent scarring' and not 'prevent scoring'. Also, she said it looked like it was 'healing' alright, not 'feeling' alright. That said, It never really did hurt except when I was holding the Apple cider vinegar inside the wound. I never experienced any itching sensations either. This whole process is bizarre to me and very unexpected, (as I mentioned before), it was given to me by my adulterous wife. What a gem she is!

I never really have been the type to get sick and my immune system has always been great? I guess that's why I was lucky enough to only get two of them?

To anyone considering a magnifying glass... beware! The application is great for monitoring things and looking for additional ones, but when you're looking inside of an open wound it can get kind of scary.

Anyhow, I wanted to correct those things And please forgive any mistakes I make in typing because this has been written from my phone.


Hi Clark.
Your doctor is right. Follow her advice and stop that ACV application as you're aggravating it. Yes give it time to heal as our body develops antibodies over time and if you're taking supplements that boost immunity, it won't take that long. Drink a lot of water and get sufficient sleep with light exercise. With the supplements you're taking, you'll feel great and better. Avoid coffee and alcohol. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbages and Brussel sprouts are good in fighting warts and herpes. Keep in touch


Once the wound is healed, you can apply vitamin e oil or aloe vera gel. It helps with scarring


Thanks so much for the advice, I was a little confused about how to handle the potential scarring? I assume the hole itself is probably going to scar but it's just going to be a small dot so it doesn't scare me tremendously. Still, the pink around the hole that is the crater part does worry me a little. It's not as raised as it was but when it flattens, I would like to prevent it from becoming a large circular scar. Someone in an earlier post of mine recommended I tried aloe as well, (which I need to go back and thank him for), because he let me know to avoid the yellow part and stick with the clear gel in the plant. Also, I've heard that the vitamin E works very well once the wound is closed so I will definitely be trying that too!

As most of you know… This is been one of the worst experiences I've ever been through! Funny I guess, considering it never hurt and was just too tiny little dots? Just to think, all those years of being single at which I somehow managed to avoid an STD and getting married was what ultimately did me in? Boy oh boy, good times right?

Anyhow, I'm a pretty healthy guy. I'm in pretty good shape, eat well, work out moderately and I don't do a lot of drinking. I was a smoker but I quit about six months ago. Also, I've been taking quite a few supplements and vitamins and just about everything I drink is water or green tea.

It's been a couple days since my last post but just to give everyone an update, things have changed a little. The raised crater has gone down, the white film has disappeared and it appears to have been replaced by what looks like a brown crust that may be forming a scab. I see a little redness around this forming scab at the bottom of the crater and I assume that might be a little dried blood. Maybe saying it looks better is a little bit of an overstatement, but it does look more consistent with something that is attempting to heal now. I'm still taking salt baths and I've laid off the Neosporin for but I probably will return to that after a few days, once I feel like the whole is closed along with vitamin E.

I'll definitely keep everyone updated. The good news is, there's no way a wart could have lived through this!

Like I said… I'll keep everyone updated and thanks again so much for your advice!

Joey P.

Vitamin E Oil will prevent it from becoming a bigger scar. Don't pick it. The neosporin should stop as well. Give your body a break.


Awesome... Thanks Joey!

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