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The best home remedy for heartburn is just plain iceberg lettuce. Wash and follow up about 4 leaves and lunch away. I guarantee you ,that your heartburn will cease within the next 10-20 minutes. Works every time. Always have a nice salad when you have spices foods, salad'll be good to go.

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Don't guarantee what you can't back up! Though Iceburg Lettuce may work for you and may help some, Iceburg Lettuce GIVES me heartburn so Thanks, but no Thanks to this tip! :)

Da Bob

I've not tried iceberg lettuce yet, but can agree in hindsight that when I do eat basic salads (mostly iceberg lettuce) with a meal, I usually don't get the heartburn I do when its mostly 'meat and potatoes'.
Also, when simple carbs are the majority of calories, be it from straight sugar (candy or sweet desserts) or even just potatoes or a soft drink, heartburn is inevitable for me.

Also - and I know its only anecdotal - as I sit in our little summer cottage writing this, I realized that the heartburn I always seem to get when we're here (and no, I don't drink lots of alcohol here) may be related to how infrequently we eat salads compared to when we are home. Hmmm...

I'll sure give this all-american lettuce thing a try. It surely can't hurt!

Help Meeee

So...Da Bob....did it work for you??


I'm another one who can't eat iceberg lettuce - instant heartburn. All other kinds of lettuce do not cause any discomfort. Go figure!!!!

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