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Hello I've had HV since I was 17yrs old the first out break was the worst one but I when on with my life and when years with out any problems I have three kids and I'm now 30 it crazy for me now because this time in my life stress is at a all time high. I only get a sore on the outside of my Vagina so this is what I did when I first feel it coming on I put rubbing achocol on it plus tea tree oil sorry I wash with a clean rag and dove soap thought out the day I shower the area but do not llet it bust I then use the achocol and then the tea
tree oil and for itch relieve I use the miconazole to relieve itch cream two days u can't even see it and
also I sleep with no under wear let it breath. Hope this works for someone and to relieve stress weed helps

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Did you have to have a c-section with all your kids? And how often do you get outbreaks?

help itch other...

hi is my suggestions for those with gen herpes based on my experience.. if you think you will be having some blisters, put apple cider vinegar on affected areas. then every time you take a bath use baby oil on the affected area, oil will also prevent blisters to appear and feel comfortable. ive been using that for two years and its effective. I also take lysene tablet 1000mg twice a day before meal, but im trying now to limit it so it will not affect my kidneys. im 95% this will help you.


I have had GH since I was 19 (from a loser ex boyfriend who cheated) and I am now 33. My first OB was positively the worst. From there I was relatively OB free for many years until my mid 20's and then in my late 20's it started re-appearing with more frequency. Probably due to stress etc. Now...I am getting with such a frequency that I am exhausted. Valtrex just isn't cutting it and I can't afford to take it as often as I need it. So ready for some home remedies. Love reading the content on this site BUT...there are so many suggestions. What's better for drying the blisters? Tea Tree oil? Apple cider vinegar? Do they burn? For the itch...have read suggestions for Miconazole or baby oil? Any preference? THANK YOU!

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