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Sadly I didn't have any vinegar, super glue, nail polish, or duct tape when I noticed those icky little bumps & there were quite a few on both feet :(. My warts aren't painful but they itch like mad. I racked my brain trying to think of what I could use that I had on hand. I've not seen anyone else post this thought, so I am. P.S. tea tree oil is a great anti-fungal but it didn't work for me that we'll & it stinks!
Bentonite clay. It is used in black salve to draw heavy metals & toxins from the body. It's also used by some as a facial toner & a mud 'shampoo'. I thought since it's a natural detoxifier it might work on killing these suckers. You can get it @ your local health food shop ($6 for a 1/2# bag where I bought it). I tried black salve first. While it did provide some relief it ment I was stuck sitting on the edge of the tub for a bit so that I didn't inadvertently track black footprints all over my house. I decided to give straight bentonite clay a shot. Since I had plenty of it on hand already, what was there to loose. If it didn't work I could always go to the store & get something else to try.
Here is what I did. Put some water in a glass bowl, slowly sprinkle on a sm scoop of clay. Stir using either your fingers or a plastic spoon (don't use metal). Add enough clay to make it medium consitancy & let it sit for atleast 10 min. Trust me, it will thicken. Scoop it into a ziplock, snip a sm piece off the corner & 'pipe' it onto the infected area. Make sure to not touch the wart w/ your ziplock so that you can keep using the same baggie. Squish the bentonite mix to the other side of the bag & tie a knot in the snipped corner so that your clay won't dry out btwn applications. Once it's tied, feel free to rub the clay into the wart & all around. It feels so good. Wipe your hands off on a washcloth & sanitize them. Give the clay 5-10 min to dry. Read a book, play on the pc, etc. after that do whatever you want. Yes, some will flake off onto the floor, just sweep it up. Reapply as needed/desired. I do mine when I get up in the morning after my shower & before I go to bed @ night. It's been three days & I'm already seeing some black dots where the warts were. No pain & the clay is cool & soothing. You can always skip the ziplock & put it on your feet straight from the bowl, but then you'll have to throw away the rest of it b/c it's now contaminated. Bentonite clay expands alot in water! I always seem to wind up w/ more than I thought I would since I don't measure lol.

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