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S. Marley

I'm 20 and my first outbreak occurred at few days ago. This is by far one of the most physically painful and emotionally taxing diseases I've had to go through. I'm still not sure where it came from since both my partner and I were 'clean' prior to this which caused a lot of confusion. I was very upfront with my partner about my diagnoses and he's been very supportive and helpful. Don't be afraid to tell! Currently he's the only one that knows and I am very thankful to have him as a sort of support system and/or vent. My main question concerns how this will effect me in the future. My first outbreak has been awful. I've been nauseous and lightheaded most of the time with near constant chills. I've been sleeping almost all day with very little energy. I also find it hard to walk though, thankfully, urination hasn't been too much of an issue (stay hydrated!). With this still being so fresh I would just like to ask how other's recurrences compared to their initial outbreaks? For me the psychological damage isn't so much sex related but more just how it will effect my everyday life. I know the first outbreak is the worst but just how much worse? I can't be out of commission for a week at a time every few months. I can deal with some discomfort but I don't want this to get in the way of everything else I enjoy doing. How has this disease effected your daily life and/or major life events? Do any of you take suppressive therapy around particular times? I don't want to be on pills permanently, it's not that bad, but I also don't want an outbreak while traveling or on my wedding day or something. Thank you so much for any input!
Also, I've found that saying mantras has helped my emotional well being a lot. I give thanks to my body in all it's perfects and imperfections and take some time for some self love. After all we're only human and unfortunately disease is part of that through no fault of our own. I also find a cool spray of fresh water after urination reduces some stinging just make sure to pat it dry afterwards.

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I feel for you, my first break out was two years ago, like you, I was upfront with my partner, and we still dont know who had it first. He is positive, but no breakouts. Some people are lucky, and I am so happy for that. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. I had my first one because I was pregnant, I didnt know at the time, i thought i was dying between the symptoms from the herpes and from the pregnancy. I was terrified, especially because I didnt want to give it to my baby. Through out the pregnancy, I had bad many break outs, but not as bad as that first one. That was the worst. Get a prescription from ur Dr. They will give you a pill and a cream, the cream helps with the pain, and the pill helps with the break out. As for ur next breakouts, as soon as you feel a tingling sensation (you will get used to identifying them) take a pill. If you are a woman, they harmless for people that are pregnant too. But for home remedies, when I didnt refill my script I took an epsom salt bath, and soak for over an hour. Eat right. No fast food, and cut back on the caffeine. Im a coffee lover, and I only have one cup a day. And I love tea, I only drink caffeine free ones. After I had the baby, I breastfed for 15 months. (Not ok to take the pills at this time) I only got breakouts during my cyle, which was every couple of months. My body didnt get back to normal until after I stopped breasfeeding. Also, teabags on the breakout work. Cut back on sugar, and drink alot of water. Water helps with every problem, herpes, headaches, weight loss, etc. Its the best. The reason why you were in so much pain, is because herpes is an autoimmune std. It attacks ur whiteblood cells, its not as bad as it sounds, its not as bad as most autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis. The pain in ur hips is because thats where your body makes white blood cells, people with herpes and HPV get this pain. So when the disease is attacking ur WBC's, its very painful. You can definitely live with this disease. I am, and now that my daughter is almost two,and I can still have my cookies, coffee, and occaisional french fry, I havent had a break out since I stopped breastfeeding. I have recently got laid off, and my world is at the max-stress level, arguments with my partner, expense problems. Just figure out what calms you down, and make sure ur diet is mostly ok and you will be fine. I hope this helped.


I've just had gh for three mos. it was so debilitating at first, I got so fatigued, had to sleep all the time, got headaches, and was feeling so down. I have done one week of acyclovir which was a nice break from symptoms but I also don't want to be on it all the time. I spent a few hundred bucks on natural remedies but what seems to help me is black seed oil by amazing herbs. I take this twice a day. It is an anti inflammatory. I also take propolis and lauricidin and put h balm on the sores. Your body should adjust to the virus and be able to handle it more quickly soon. I keep acyclovir around for if I have a prodome but haven't had to take it again so far. Twice I have felt activity down there but not a full on prodome and just took the supplements,put on h balm and it went away. It sounds like you are handling it well. I also try to talk positively to myself about it, tried qigong to help me relax which is helpful. It should lighten up. I had that fatigue and outbreaks for a couple of months but ever since, I don't get it. Good luck. There are a lot of people out here that have true empathy. Things will be okay.

Lisa D.

I've tried the Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) and it really works! It is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-viral. I had these recalcitrant episodes of HSV2 that didn't respond to other natural remedies except the Black Seed. Some people call it Black Cumin. I take it three times a day (1 teaspoon each time) mixed with raw honey because the taste is bitter. It stimulates and boosts your immune system which you really need to build in fighting recurrent infections. I also apply it topically especially whenever I get the 'tingling' sensation down there or nerve pain in my leg. So far so good, my first OB was the only one I had.

i didnt ask for this

Hey darl i know how u feel i was diagnosed 5 years ago i was the same never asked for it my ex slept around on me caught it didnt tell me and bam i got it but first outbreak is the worst after that it settles down u can use cold sore cream for outbreak andu can still have babies partner cant catch it unless u have a outbreak n u have intercoarse


After my first outbreak 7 years ago, I took acyclovyr for a year, then Valtrex for a year. Lost my medical insurance, so had to discontinue the meds. I've only had a couple of outbreaks since discontinuing the meds. I feel like it helped keep outbreaks away while my body adjusted to the presence of the virus. Might be all in my head, but I don't care!

I'm dealing with the worst OB since diagnosis right now. The blisters just keep coming in the same spot on my labia and it's been a week. I've tried everything-hot baths, UV exposure, tea tree oil, campho phenique, rest, vitamins...uggghh! Fortunately, this is the worst OB of only 3-4 in seven years.

Stupid virus.


I had my first outbreak at 17. I know exactly who it came from. He had been cheating on me for two years with multiple women. Stupid me, I was afraid to leave. Anyways, I just turned 28 last week and I am currently in the middle of my second ever outbreak. I've always read that the first is the worst and I'd have to agree. For about 3 days, I've had had just an itching feeling aroubd my genitals. It's a small area. No major pain.

I didn't date much due to HSV. I do have a boyfriend of 5 years now who is 'clean' and we have a 4 year old daughter.

I still feel quite embarrased. I certainly don't discuss it with anyone other than my family and doctor. I don't let it stop me from doing my daily activities. I am currently finishing up nursing school, I still model part time, and own two businesses. I work out regularly and eat healthy. I refuse to let this hold me back from archiving everything I've ever wanted to do.


I just found out I have herpes and I cant stop crying. I feel so dirty and just want to sleep it off. It feels like a bad dream. I havent had any ob yet but then yet im not good with pain so im scared. I been doing a lot of research because I cant stop thinking about it. I havent told anyone yet because I dont know they are going to look at me. I seen some of the post on here and im thankful that you share your stories because, I really felt like im alone in this.:(


No doubt your through the worst of it by now. I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1 which is more common on the mouth. My bf at the time had an outbreak at the same time so it was quite confusing, months later I found out he'd cheated. Anyway I have been very lucky to go 4 years without any reoccurrences until now. This 2nd OB while frustrating, is manageable & no where near the horrors I went through the 1st time (exactly as you described). It's interesting that this is the 1st time I've been off the pill in ten years & coincidentally had an outbreak with my period. Might be worth trying to reduce frequency of periods with the pill & therefor less stres on body / less chance for outbreaks? I was honest with my current bf & brought it up after we had been dating about a month - before things got intimate - and he was very understanding and supportive, and had not contracted the virus thus far after 2 years together.

Naomi lucy

I'm 20 too, every outbreak I get I get very ill. Nobody else knows about this but me. I was with a partner for 3 years and he had an undiagnosed coldsore on his mouth went down on me and I found d strange bumps around my genital area, I ended it straight away because I felt humiliated, disgusting and not desirable. I have to take multiple amounts of different vitamins and antibiotics but they still come back every menstruation. I have a job I really like and ive been sick a few times because ive felt so down physically and mentally but how do you tell anyone? Not even my mum or my bestfriend know, I tell them everything so thats weird. Can anyone give me advice on explaining it to someone without them assuming I'm dirty as another thing I have OCD so being clean for me is so important and I wouldnt want anyone to think otherwise...


I would just like to comment towards the post that said something about your partner can only get it if you have an outbreak and have sex, NOT TRUE!! Do your research, this is exactly why so many people have herpes and don't know they have it. 80% of people with herpes show no signs or symptoms yet they still pass the virus on to others. VIRAL SHEDDING occurs which has nothing to do with an outbreak. Viral shedding is microscopic and you cannot see, feel, etc. it when it occurs. Viral shedding is how people with no signs or symptoms are still able to pass on the virus. Also herpes can be spread through SKIN TO SKIN contact so that does not just mean sex. You could touch one or your sores and then touch your partners genitals and transfer the virus. The virus can also be transferred through oral sex if someone has oral herpes. To say you can only get it from having sex during an outbreak is just ignorant and goes to show exactly why so many people spread this virus without realizing it.

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