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Michael B

I suffered for almost a year, I showed the doctor and he got concerned. He put me on Antibiotics and every ointment on the planet it seemed. Long story short, nothing worked until I used really hot water from my shower head aimed at the infected area for as long as I could take it, then immediately turned the water cold. I'm not sure why but it killed the infection almost right away. One of my single best accomplishments. God Bless, good luck.

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Anshuman Srivastava

This is the easiest way to get rid of it
because when we put our foot in hot then suddenly in cold water the fungus cannot handle the hot-cold situation and dies.
Thus our skin gets free and back to its original position.


I just tried this.According to the other comment, it sounds like its suppose to be cleared up on the spot. It hasn't. I used pure hot water for 20 mins ( my bf heard me scream and yip) then pure cold and repeated this twice. My foot is so red. Lol But the infected toe is still the same. So....idk....I need this gone without a Dr I can't afford. Any more advice?


@ LR, the bacteria may be killed , but the skin may need time to heel bck to normal. But if this worked for u, it shouldn't progress. And start heeling


how long do you have to do this for? or how many times did you do it?


Hot water does help, but what I do is soak my foot
In mixture of hot water an peroxide for 30 mins
Or until water gets cool. Then I dry my foot very well an let it air out an then I spray it with tinactin
An with in 24 hrs using the spray twice a day it clears it up an you don't have the itch or the scaling of your skin


What peroxide do you use In the hot water please


What you have to understand is that athlete's foot is a FUNGAL infection. Thus, antibiotics, which are for BACTERIA, will not kill them. Nor should you seek any other treatment geared at BACTERIA.

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