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Hi There.

so i wanna share my experience. ill start by saying that i recently found out that i had contracted the GW virus. quite a shock to me as ive had very few sexual partners use contraception and get tested every 6mo. i was in denial the first time i noticed that little bump right in between my vagina n butt i didnt wanna believe it was what i thought so i ignored it n hoped it would go away on its own. it didnt. it got worse. ALOT worse. soon a few weeks or so later i was washing my self in the shower n noticed it had spred. up into my bum area n one or 2 small one hads even started forming inside me!! EEK! at this point i lost it n started freaking out!! i dont have insurance or alot of cash flow plus i really did not wanna do that embarrassing trip to the doctor. i was pretty sure i new what i had so i did alot of research n tried ACV but i burned and was painful so i tried to find some stuff on the internet. NONE OF IT WORKS!!!! i REPEAT NONE OF IT WORKS!!!!!!! DO NOT WAST YOU MONEY BUYING SCAMS ON THE INTERNET!!!!

so i went back to the ACV. and even tho i wont lie it does burn. it WORKS n fairly fast to . after only a weekn a half almost all of mine are gone. besides one bigger one that im sure will fall off soon. what ive been doing, is applying it every other day 3 times a day for 5-10min. because if you put it on raw chapped skin it will hurt alot more, give you skin a little time to heal between applications. ive also heard mixing tea tree oil n vitimine E with it will bost the proccess, i havent gotten around to getting any but im going to .

Good Luck to everyone out there suffering with this. Its not easy thats for sure, but it deffiantly gets alot better with the warts gone. so stick to the ACV n youll have results and dont wast money on any other treatment.

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desperate female

Your method was documented.well.but I have some questions and need help soo Ok so I started killin these buggers. Idk if I'm going over board but I went to dermatologist twice and had cryo and they went away first time then came back in a wk then I just :) healed frm second visit and just to be sure they are not coming back I started acv. I actual FOUND one she may have missed !! :'( so this is second day. First day , I put acv a cotton ball and let sit 1min. Next morning repeat, warts lit up white ( even the area where she froze ) not sure if that's bad now that I just read on scarring !!! Last night I placed cotton balls on for 6 hrs .. PAINFUL! should I take a break ? The one I think she missed looked like it turned black... I don't want scars I want it gone ! And I'm taking tonssss of vitamins! Helpp!!! Female

desperate female need help

Hi I'm female also and have some questions I tried the acv liquid I burned so bad all over me I have them mostly right at my opening on my pelvic bone so they are kinda inside. I have seen several doctorsand they all tell me its nothing but my last pap came back with HPV I know I have he n I know where I got them also. Problem is I don't know how to get rid of them. I am taking a multivitamin and 2400 mg of acv tablets will this work or what else will I can't deal with the pain and burn of liquid put there what pills can I take to help me please please help me

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