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Tried the clove oil for what I think is dry socket worked a treat instantly...I am very sceptic about home remedies in general but this one worked a treat instantly...thanks all that posted as the pain is horrible!

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this did not work for me at all i was still in excruciating pain and my pain medication is almost gone i am going insane because of this horrific pain


That is a bunch of crap no home remedy works for dry socket, I have tried them all and none worked. My dentist only prescribed 30 painkillers and they were gone within the first 3 days because of how bad the pain is I cannot even begin to describe how bad the pain is. I have 3 children and giving birth was not even as painful as dry socket it.


I have a dry socket and infection. Late saturday of course. I heated cloves in a bit of water, within about 10 min. was better enough that I stopped crying. I have a high pain treashold, so it helped me enough that I could tolerate it. Used a Qtip to apply. I agree, I gave natural birth and this pain is worse!!!


Im going through the dry socket thing too and its to the point that when i attempt to sleep within the first 5 mins Im instantly awake, causing me not to be able to sleep for now 5 days more then 5 mins at a time. I have gone to the dentist but Im having to wait 2 weeks to have the tooth removed. :(


This is actually not a home remedy. Clove oil is what a dentist will put in a dry socket. I have yet to see any posts on the correct way. Go to walgreens or any drug store. Get a bent tipped syringe and clove oil. Once you get home, mix 8oz of warm water and 1 teaspoon of salt. Draw this into the syringe and inject DIRECTLY into the socket. This will clean outp the socket. Once this is done take a long cotton swab and mix the clove oil half and half with warm water and swab the entire inside of the socket.

Dirk diggler

Clove oil is the tits! Pain gone instantly. YEAH SCIENCE!!!

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Hang on...... How come I can't feel my face? It burns! Good burn though. Time for a smoke


I had a dry socket after having a tooth extracted. After 3 days I was in the most horrible pain ever. I had to go back to the Dr. and they cleaned it out every day for 5 days and packed it with meds and upgraded my pain meds. This helped some, then someone told me about the Red Cross Toothache kit. I got it for $6.99 at my local pharmacy. It has helped with the pain and healing, better than anything!! The Clove Oil is wonderful, tastes awful, but best investment ever. Ask your Dr. for a syringe and put warm salt water in it and keep the socket cleaned out, they finally gave me one after 9 days!

neding a miracle

How do you apply the cotton ball that comes in the clove kit? sit it on top or put in down in the hole?

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