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Came home a few hours ago from the emergency room for my impacted wisdom tooth that I will probably never be able to afford. They gave me a nerve block (worked excellent for 3 hours), some Tylenol with codeine (doing nothing), and Penicillin. The doctor told me to crush up some Benedryl tablets and apply to the affected area. IT WORKS!

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I remembered someone at my job once told me about how benadryl helps a toothache. I was a bit skeptical, but after a night with such intense pain where I depleted a bottle of Ambesol, which only gave me a few minutes of relief between hours of pain that made it hard to see straight and focus (and had me burying my head in my pillow screaming, begging for it to stop), I googled "Benadryl toothache" and it brought me here. I gave it a shot. The pain went down to a bearable level, then after another application, it was hardly noticeable. The numbing effect didn't seem as intense as Ambesol, but the analgesic effect was far better, plus the it made me slightly drowsy, and I drifted off to sleep within 30-45 mins. Thank God I had a couple of benadryl tablets sitting on my dresser.

It really worked. Often home remedies never quite work for me, but this one surprisingly did.


Bf trying this tonight we'll see how it goes hopeful


Had awful pain in teeth and gums after using white strips-I emptied capsule of generic Benadryl in mouth and swished with a sip of water-worked wonders!


I was wondering if anyone knows the mixture to use for toothache relief using Benadryl liquid, kaopectate abd maalox?


So are you guys crushing the tablets and mixing it into a paste then applying to teeth?


Still saving lives 5 years later!! I crushed two pills with water and numbed my mouth with the paste. AMAZING, I can't feel my face lol. Anyways, if anyone knows the science behind this--- please explain :)


I'm about to try this. I have nerve pain in my teeth and it is a constant pain, with no relief. I hurt so bad that I can't think straight. Y all know how it is. Thanks a lot. Hope it works.

Tiffany G.

Thank God. I have a horrible toothache and since its 3:41a.m all the stores are closed. I've been desperately trying to find a home remedy that works and I finally came across something that's right here at home. Benadryl! Yesss!After reading about how it helped everyone else I had to try it. After all, I had nothing to lose and needed immediate relief. I crushed up the small pink pill in a bottle top and dropped about two drops of water on it to make a paste. I packed it into my aching tooth and at first it hired because the water drops were cold. About 2 minutes later my pain disappeared. Thank you so much for sharing! But if you want to get rid of the nerve pain for good use clove oil. Don't just take my word for it go do your research! God bless you all.

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