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Came home a few hours ago from the emergency room for my impacted wisdom tooth that I will probably never be able to afford. They gave me a nerve block (worked excellent for 3 hours), some Tylenol with codeine (doing nothing), and Penicillin. The doctor told me to crush up some Benedryl tablets and apply to the affected area. IT WORKS!

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Ok here is another review for this person, normally I'm not the type of person that do a survey or leave comment, but this person NAILED it. I was in so much pain last night. Of course I'm so scare to go to the dentist. But as soon as I tried this remedy it work so INSTANTLY!! thank you so so much for putting this up u made my sleep so much better!! I hope people don't think that it's lie but guys just try it.


I am going to go try this right now. I have a horrid toothache and cannot wait for some relief.


About to try this asap. Thanks so much for the tip.


This really works!!!! Was in so much pain all day. Did this and got instant relief. Thank you! so much!!!


Well... Home remedies usually don't work... but this one does... ohmagosh... Yes, much of my mouth is ridiculously numb... but I'm fine with that... THANK YOU!!!!!


Thank you for sharing your info! It worked within 5 min. My husband had been going nuts with pain and I read your post, crushed a Benadryl sprinkled it in the bad tooth and put some Vicks on his jaw and he is knocked out! Thank you!!!!!


Funny how so many people claimed Benadryl to work... it did nothing for me :( Not even a little bit?! Garlic barely worked, mouthwash barely worked, salt/water barely worked. Im guessing root canal is the big problem :S This sucks tho. :(


Thanks for your post. But you mentioned you could nto afford your impacted wisdom tooth. Please check out dental schools in your area, the graduate students will work on your teeth for free or very low cost, and they are supervised so you are safe.


Benadryl on my aching tooth did wanders. I also before had used the warm salt water, Vicks vapor rub on the throbbing side of the tooth with a heating pad. But the best relief came after using Benadryl! Thanks ... I don't understand how an antihistamine numbs the pain but it sure did! (I did not have anything else in my house at the time to use)

R. Flores

I had gum & pain around tooth. I tried the Benadryl crushed it into a paste. Numbed the tooth & gum. Still feel a dull ache but pain has subsided. Basically it worked for me. Feeling better. Swelling has gone down some. Praying it keeps working as I apply again later.

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