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Came home a few hours ago from the emergency room for my impacted wisdom tooth that I will probably never be able to afford. They gave me a nerve block (worked excellent for 3 hours), some Tylenol with codeine (doing nothing), and Penicillin. The doctor told me to crush up some Benedryl tablets and apply to the affected area. IT WORKS!

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In Miami

Brilliant. Thank you soo much for taking the time to post the Benadryl solution. I tried many other home remedies in the past. This kills the pain and is is more potent than Anbesol. Absolutely amazing. I crushed up one pill it was Wal-Dryl which is the generic form of Benadryl. Wal-Dryl has Diphenhydramine HCI 25 mg.


Each time I got pregnant, my calcium was lowered bad enough to cause tooth decay. Tooth pain is the WORST! I tried salt water, ice at nerve points, painkillers, was going through TUBES of orajel, NOTHING helped! I just saw this and thought what can it hurt? Immediately helped... THANK YOU

~T in Maine~

I used the benedryl in a gel tab it was the knock off brand (still Diphenhydramine), I clipped the end off it with nail clippers poured the powder into my hand and applied it to my tooth and gum with a dampened finger. numbed it instantly! tasted really bad lol..but when your mouth hurts a bad flavor isn't an issue ;) thanx for the info!


Thank you so much for posting...I tried the Wal-dryl brand liquid, the only thing I had, and in 2 mins, the pain was gone. I dipped a cotton in the wal-dryl, put in my mouth, and painfree, best remedy ever,


thank you!!! ive been in severe pain for days now tried everything pain killers,salt water,oragel,etc. i came across this post and was a bit skepital thinking that if oragel didnt numb the pain nothing will so i figured id give it a try couldnt hurt. i took a benedryl liquid dye free cap. opened it with a pin and applied it to the teeth that were the problem and immeditally the pain went away tasted horrid but if the pains gone it doesnt matter this really works!!!


THANK YOU so much!!! I have been in absolute hell for days trying all other kinds of well as Lortab with NO RELIEF until I saw your post. I too was skeptical but desperate for sum relief. I tried it and I am for the first time in days (which seems like FOREVER when you have a toothache) PAIN FREE!!! Thank you for sharing!!!! To whomever was blasting and bashing ....really?? Thought this was a place to share you ideas for sum pain relief...who gives a shit WORKS!!!! I used the dollar store brand Diphenhydramine HCL 25 mg...crushed it with a small amount of water and rubbed my gums and tooth...felt relief within minutes and was completely pain free in 15 minutes. Just a tip...I saved the extra paste in a empty medicine bottle and carry with me faithfully ....its a life saver!!

Richard Birch FL

WOW thank you so much you just saved me from leaving work!!! It really works people


Vanilla extract and garlic with salt that somewhat helps to just gave my boyfriend so for his bad toothache he have cracked his all the way to the enamel and the nerve of the tooth....


Holy crow this tastes aweful, but the throbbing has stopped. I just poked a hole in the end of a capsule, got a qtip wet and applied to the sore area. IT WORKS! Half of my tongue is very numb as well but its worth it. No more wasting money on temporary relief with Orajel.


Absolutely amazing. I have been in extreme pain all day. I tried Ambesol, IBP800, Vicodin, Vanilla Extract, Oil of Oregano.... Nothing worked. Until I tried this. Immediate relief. Hope it lasts long enough to get some sleep.

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