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Susan A.

I had suffered from headaches including migraines for over 10 years and basically used medication to manage them until my husband found this unique device on Amazon called the Headache Hammock that claimed it relieved headaches including migraines naturally. He bought it for me to try and I was really surprised after getting it that something so simple could work so well. The device basically lifts your head up while applying pressure to the muscles in your upper neck allowing the tension in your neck to relax, but the coolest part is that the device can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. I usually use the Headache Hammock warmed to relieve that neck tension that tends to cause my headaches, but if I feel a migraine coming on which have been much fewer since using the device, I put it in the freezer to cool it before using it and that will sometimes stop the migraine from coming on. Just my two cents but the Headache Hammock really works.

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She is right, I also bought the Headache Hammock on Amazon a few weeks back and it does exactly what she said. I believe I've finally found something to help manage my headaches. This doesn't just treat the symptoms it really loosens those muscles in my upper neck that seems to be causing my headaches.


just wanna say, you should never ever associate (a once) radio active material no matter what it is, with your body or skin. You do not want to heat the hammock with a microwave, what kind of advice is that... you'll end up balding or with cancer. Other than that, i have no knowledge of your post.


Heating something in the microwave is not going to cause it to have any radiation in it, microwaves vibrate water molecules to cause heat. It's not going to capture any of the microwaves and release them later, that's a ridiculous notion.


That's really dumb! You wouldn't be able to eat anything you cooked in the microwave, by that logic!

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