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I had been diagnosed with Urticarial Hives by my general physician and a well known allergist about 6 months ago. My hives started out with only a few hives on my arms, neck and legs but gone within 2-3 days. I had been prescribed prednisone, histamines, Benadryl even tried all the over-the-counter drugs for any relief to get rid of the bumps, welts and awful itching I had for 6 grueling months wearing long sleeves in hot weather to hide the embarrassment. One day I was searching on the internet for other symptoms similar in appearance to hives and my discovery shocked me. Healthcare professionals never took into account that my 'hives' could very well be 'bed-bugs'! Yes bed-bugs; they look, itch and appear just like hives. I live in a very clean upscale home and never in a million years would believe I could be sleeping with bed-bugs for 6 months. I discovered them when I was flipping my mattress as I usually do twice a year and there they were! I scoured my room and go rid of my mattresses that were only 3 years old. I thought I should write this to all of you that have suffered hives in case you want to rethink a second possibility for your bumps and itch. I hope everyone feels better soon!

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