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It's been almost 2 years and im 22 nw...since I've been diagnosed with genital herpes. I was devasted, lost, and suicidal.... I will never forget the look on my parents faces when they found out about it.. I was ashamed, I couldn't even look myself in the mirror...but my 2 sisters where always there and promised me to get through this dramatic time together... After I got through that rainy period in my life I found a site called quick clear! I was kinda skeptical about it but it's almost been a month and I don't have breakouts at allll!!!!!!!!!!! I make sure I take my valtrex in the morning and 2 quick clear pills 5 hours apart!!! I just want to let everyone know that although it's a long road ahead to get accustomed to having herpes... You can find love and still have a wonderful sex life!!!! If I got over this mountain you can too!!! I hope my advice helps and if u need someone to talk to I'll be here ask for my email....~monty~

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Can i plz have your email address,need sum1 to talk to.


Please can I have ya email too


I would appreciate your email


can i have your email please

Can I get your email also,
Have some questions..

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