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I had the same problem, drove me crazy as it was if I was deaf from one ear... It was definitely ear wax, as I often use my earbuds at work and they must somehow have compacted the wax inside my ears.

So here is what ultimately worked.

I bought one of those blue srubber syringe thingy, that are used for nasal and oral cleaning or whatever. It was 2$ over at the local drugstore.

I took a bath, with just enough water to be able to lie with my head flat and having warm water enter my ear, but not enough so that I would be able to breath over the water. I stayed perhaps 20 minutes.

Then, using simply warm water and the syringe, I repeatedly injected warm water into my plugged ear, with my head facing the sink, my eyes directed towards the ground. (I was out of the bath)

Each and every time water came out with specks of cerumen! (Press the syringe with force as you want the water to have a chance at dislodging the wax) And after perhaps 5 time, my ear popped and I was back into the land of the hearing. Hurrah!!!

Prior to that, I also used hydrogen peroxyde, that I piped into my ear, but it didn't seem to do anything to the wax, as I read in a medical article afterwards. Same article seems to say taht water is more efficient than H2O2 or whatever they sell at the pharmacy.

Warming the wax seemed to work much better for people, so I just tried that. Warm water, and just enough pressure.

Good luck in unblocking that ear! :)

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Ray-Ray 420

worked like a Boss, Danks foe Diss..


This worked!! Thanks for posting!


This worked a treat thankyou wish I did it earlier wasted money on Otex


Greetings, Worked, Thank God!
Wifey put warm Olive oil in my ear and we let it soak in for 20min. We did this two days in a row. Then I lay in the tub on my back with water deep enough to enter my ears for a few mins. Then began to flush my ear with a large syringe. It took some time but it began to come out, I had lost hearing in the right ear and it was back. Thanks

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