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For heartburn, drink a tablespoon of cider vinegar. It works, the scam is heartburn is a shortage of acid, you need acid in your stomach to desolve food. The ant-acids take the acid away completely so your stomach produces acid right away to take it away, a real scam, just drink the vinegar and in 30 seconds it will be gone and wont return.

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not sure where you got this idea, but i used it and it made it 10 times worse.


Do NOT use this it only makes it worse!!!!


I can't believe anyone would even try this. Heartburn is a result of too much acid, not enough...thus antiacids as an over the counter medicine...they take all the acid away, not so your stomach produces more, but to reduce the burn from too much. Don't try vinegar...


Well, I tried this and it really worked for me, it only took about 5 minutes. However, my mom tried it and it made her feel sick. So, if you are brave, give it a shot, I will definitely do it again although my mother will not!


Just posted on the comment below this, too, recommending ACV. Actually, this remedy is given on many home remedy sites which is why I decided to try it.

ACV is the stuff miracles are made of. I've used it for other things that it cured very well (plantar warts). But it's hard to believe when someone starts touting something as working for anything. But. . . it killed the heartburn in under 5 minutes whereas the use of Tums did absolutely nothing.

I get my heartburn from a medication I take, so it is really difficult to prevent, but it also causes a massive amount of pain when it comes on. The ACV worked like a charm! God bless whoever discovered how to make ACV!!


Yep..worked like a charm when it made me vomit everywhere and then that vile was in my throat..yuck...which is worse? Whoa .try it but be by a porcelain throne when u do! I do want to say that I had severe heartburn and couldn't even sleep..felt like I was going to be sick from it so the acv may have have just sped up the inevitable.


Heartburn is not caused by the lack or not of acids in the stomach. It is in reality caused by the fact that for some unsettling reason the acids begin to rise up though the tube or food pipe, and that is what causes the discomfort which I must say it is horrible. So anything that can possibly go down the food pipe and neutralise the effect of the acid rising up is good to take. I have in desperate times taken a little bit of toothpaste, and it worked. From reading the comments on this site I am keen to try honey, mustard and the natural yogurt.

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