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Breast milk works the absolute best!!! Give them a bath then blow dry until they are no longer wet then apply breast milk and let it air dry. I did 2-3 layers then applied Lanolin. You want to repeat the breast milk and Lanolin application with very diaper change. My son's rash was so bad you could barely hold him (he was only a week old); it was red, cracked, bleeding, from his genital to inner thighs to his anus. The next day the whole rash was gone!!! It was still a little pink but it was like a magic trick 'now you see it, now you don't'. He has extremely sensitive skin so everything else made it 10x worse. Breast milk is FULL of anti-bodies so it has to be the best all time natural remedy!

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whomever posted this which one do I apply first...milk r cream?


Desiree, apply Breast milk 2-3 layers, let dry between layers. Then the lanolin.

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