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I tried all of the remedies given in this site. Garlic, Vanilla, Pepper, and all those nasty mixtures. It's obvious for some of us to go to dentist and pull off your decayed tooth and it's horrible to even imagine. What I did is 1tsp of salt into lukewarm water and gargle for 30sec before sleep. Then you MUST suffer the decayed pain in other words; you gotta wait till the decay decays until the end of your root canal. It hurts your brain neurons and you cannot sleep. Just for one day. It's normal to be distracted or irritated by heat or light that shines to your eyeballs. So avoid irritations like sunlight and coldness. When I woke up it was ok and my teeth neurons all died and no more pain :]

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Joshua Acklin

i got woke up every two hours because of my pain so bad that i cryed so i just tryed this so far so good was able to take couple tylonal before i couldnt swallow much il give an up date in couple of days


thank you for the opportunity to comment, lm actually laughing as l write l had never suffered severe toothache and hearing simmilar experiences, lm relieved,l thought l was going out of my mind, the headache,can not use a pillow, but today l bought sensodye toothpaste,l was using toothache drops on the affected tooth,l used everything that l had,garlic, cinnamon powder,fresh ginger,gargling with dettol,betadine mouth wash,ibrufen,washing with warm water and chewing with one side at least l took pain ease tablets in the morning and l feel better, will conclude the rest tommorow.

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