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boil water adn six peppermints, add sugar. add a whole lemon then two teaspoons of instant tea. drink hot let it slide down your throat the heat will calm irritation as it goes. take one ibuprofen and youre all good. im 18 and I have horrible allergies and it ALWAYS affects my right tonsil because i once had patches on them that left holes. so my right tonsil is over sensitive. but anyways this seems to work well.

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Ritika Sharma

Some home made Sore Throat Remedies:
Put 1 tablespoon in glass of lukewarm water and do gargle, at-least 4-5 times a day.
You can also have 1 spoon of honey mix with ginger juice. but it should be taken once a day because its very strong.
Instead of water you can do the gargling with beta-dine or even vodka. they are best in killing bacteria.
Hot lemonade mix with honey relieves the pain quickly.

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