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I saw the post about garlic powder on here so I figured I would try it. I am no stranger to tooth pain and have never seen anything about using garlic powder before but it really worked. I rubbed it in on my gums and stuffed a little in the crack in my tooth and almost instantly the pain went away.
Thanks ! :)

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the garlic powder worked a little bit, I brushed my teeth with sensodyne tooth paste directly after for instant relief, this doesn't eem to want to ast because even as I type this the pain is returning, but I have an abscess so that might be why it wasn't prolonged


THANK YOU !!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
It really works!! Iam suffering from a cracked tooth that's starting to decay and makes it soooooo painful ! I took my self to the hospital last night and sat there for 4 long hours and I was told to take ibuprofen and call a Dentenst in the morning. I made my way home and laid in bed crying all night! I looked up how to make this feel better and found this GOD SENT pain reliever !! Thank you!!!! So I made a paste w/water and the garlic powder in a small shot glass and applied it kinda thick with my finger , held a paper towel under my tong to soak up the saliva! Let it sit on my gums and tooth for 3 to 5 mins and washed my mouth out softly and Iam a NEW person!!! It's 3:55am and I can happily go to get rest..:) :) :)

mytooth hurts

Omg I just tired it and no more pain you are my hero because just before I tried bread that was a bad idea made it worst but you my friend are wonderful


Thank you so much for posting this. I used minced garlic and crunched down on it to get peices of garlic purposly stuck where my wisdom tooth broke off. I have not used any pain relievers since 2am and it is now noon 'very happy'


So what do i need to just put it on a q tip and put it in my gums around the [ain and relief comes ?

Tooth pain!!!

In need of a root cannel because my left molar is chipped and infected. I am so happy that I found this post ! The garlic powder with Vicks vapor rub on the cheek works like a charm! Keeping you head elevated while sleeping is key. Warning your breath will stink so try not to cuddle with your significant other. =] hope this helps.


This actually does work, i made a paste for my roommate and had him rub it on the gum and then hold paste onbtooth for 5 mins then rinse out mouth with garlic and water and he said the pain is not completly gone but it cut the pain in half and now hes sleeping it took maybe 5mins after doing all of this and hes sleeping


My wife had cracked a molar and the pain came full force, its hard watching someone you love suffer and cry. She was immobalized from the pain and no clinics are open on the weekends. I decided to look up a remedy and came across this post. After the garlic treatment she stood up with a shocked look on her face and claimed that it worked,on a scale of 1-100 she was at a 99,the garlic treatment reduced it to a bearable 20. Thankyou for this awesome post :-)


Just tried it. Works instantly! Wish i would of googled it 500 Tylenols ago! Back to sleep yay! Thank youuuu.


Omg im about to try this. I have a broken tooth that has litterly been KILLING me the last (today is the 4th day) . I have really tried everything! Clove oil, mouth wash, salt water, cold water, hot water, hot rag, ice bags, brushing it(even though it irratates the shit out of it) I dont know what more to do. I really want someone yo shoot me in the head. Sorry, I shouldnt say that BUT my whole right side of my face hurts. My cheek is swollen I have one hell of a headache an earache amd its starting to go down my throat! I hope this helps. Ty

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