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I saw the post about garlic powder on here so I figured I would try it. I am no stranger to tooth pain and have never seen anything about using garlic powder before but it really worked. I rubbed it in on my gums and stuffed a little in the crack in my tooth and almost instantly the pain went away.
Thanks ! :)

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Does it actually work? I HATE going to the dentist, and i want a paste or something what i can do at home so i dont spend a fortune at the dentist


I tried it actually worked now to see how long it lasts. thanks :)


Thank you so much it really worked and i feel so much better even though i gagged a little from the strong oder of the garlic powder it still work i tryed it about 2hrs ago n i feel great and it only sting just a tiny bit for me i recommend this to any one having tooth pain its worth the try thanks again


THE GARLIC WORKS,GIRL!! ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES! I had a crown that came off and it pulled half my tooth along with it. OUCH! I didn't notice that the Vic's was much help, but to each his own.


Is there a pacific kinda of garlic powder? my tooth is on fire I've been up crying all night and days just tried it I hope this works out I need sleep..


i suppose on these types of forums i shouldn't really be shocked when i see people saying 'pacific' instead of 'specific'... *shaking head*
english. learn it.
(yes i'm cranky, i have a toothache, lol)


the garlic does work, though (usually).
garlic has antimicrobial properties, and often tooth pain is triggered by bacteria.
you can use listerine for that as well, but often mouthwash can irritate it more because of the alcohol harshness.
the garlic will kill the germs and ease inflammation.
what i do: (until i can get to the dentist)
- gently brush, rinse teeth thoroughly
-use q-tip to apply moistened garlic powder to painful area
-hold it there for 5-10 mins. it may sting at first.
-rinse again thoroughly
-take 3-4 200mg ibuprofen

also i found very helpful, for long-term relief rather than just the immediate relief:
OIL PULLING (using olive oil)
google it!!!! :)


I will try this garlic technique

Betty Whitehorn

I just tried the garlic powder like 5 minutes ago. I wish I had known about it 3 tubes of ambersol ago( I used 3 in 2 days). Oh I did use the vapor rub ( a generic brand) this really works. And get garlic is good for you too.

Damian Sexton

I have been in and out of the cage for a couple of years. (MMA) I train vigorously, take punishment all day, but as we all know, a toothache is a different level of pain. I was just in tears myself. i tried the GARLIC POWDER trick. And in about 15-35 seconds i feel relief. I put the garlic powder on a Q-tip, rubbed it on my gums near the affected area, and held it in my broken tooth (top right molar) and it worked pretty well. thank you, you made my day. I hope this works for you all like it has me.

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