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I was told that being in the sun would help s I starting think maybe it had something to do with vitamin. Then when I went to a new doctor after we moved instead of a steroid they prescribed my a cream with vitamin d in it. It kept it from from getting worst but didnt really fix it and I had to put it on alot. which with alot of kids I dont have time or remember to do. So I began taking vitamin supplement but also decided to try applying vitamin D oil directly to the area. I can get this over the counter so dont need a script. And it seems to be clearing up nicely. Hasnt looked this good in years. Not completely gone yet cause I just started this a week ago. I did a test first on one spot to have something to compare it too. And that spot is healing and the other were getting worst. So I am pretty sure it is helping but i am not a doctor. I also noticed that washing with head and shoulders helps but it comes back

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hi. sun produces vitamin d3. just a recommendation but forget the expensive creams that have a lot of junk in it. vitamin d3 is much better than vitamin d2. carlsons makes a cod liver oil with vitamin d3. so you get an excellent anti-inflammatory with vitamin d3. most creams will make the spot go away but it will come back some where else. so it really doesn't fix the problem which is internal. best wishes


Just started checking out your site. When you mention cod liver oil with vit D., are you saying to apply it or eat it or both? I was just prescribed vectical ointment. Am using the sample but haven't picked up the actual script yet.


TH- you eat it. people with 'p' tend to be low in vitamin d3. 'p' is an inflammatory disease. cod liver oil helps control this. could not find ingredients in vectical but no idea why it burns or irritates. strictly my opinion but i think its the medical establishment trying to take a natural product put it in medical form and charge you a lot of money. i have found diet to be extremely important to control 'p'. diet posted 3-8-13 on this blog. that is why everyone tries to control it with topical remedies but never work because 'p' is internal. hope this helps

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