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i have many things that help me with my anxiety and panic attacks that i used to get several times a day for over two years . hear are a few , once you start to feel a panic attack find some thing that might interest you maybe a hand held game or a crossword , i know that it is very hard to concontrate but yiou must try .and if you are an aduld an you happen to have any valumns take a five millogram as soon as you feel the panic starting . apply a cold rag to your neck and try to drink alot of fluids . sometimes you may have an upset stomache when your panic starts the best thing for that is a over the counter motion sickness medication called BONINE it works great { they sell it at wallmart and walgreens } . and some times when you feel this way you think horrible thoughts any everyone is against you so try to put something happy on the tv . a bath sometimes may help . di=fferent things helped me depending on how bad the attack was . so i hope that atleast one of these things help you and be sure to look for my name for when i think of more remedies for panicm attacks and anxioty . good luck!

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I have also found that the handheld games like solitaire or yahtzee are good for when I'm anxious. You can tend to concentrate on them, or a favorite sitcom on TV, and it channels that anxiety into something else. A hot bath is good too, with a good book, or a hot shower. Bath is better though. Even talking with a good friend is reassuring when these ruminating thoughts start taking over.


When I feel a panic attack coming on, I immediately call my oldest sister. She can talk me down real quick! Her daughter, my niece, is my 2nd person to call when I get panicky. They have watched me suffer with this disorder for many years now, and know just what to say and/or do to bring me back to reality. I thank God for them every single day. And yes, I have to take medication for my panic attacks. It's called Niravam, and you just put it in your mouth and let it dissolve on your tongue. It has an orange flavor, and has been working exceptionally well for me. I don't seem to have the horrible side effects from it as with other medications that the doctor has tried me on. Good luck to you my friends! We can control our panic attacks in so many ways. God Bless You All....


I think is what causes my attacks, i had one about three four months ago and I remember I had an upset/sour stomach then too. This attack I just had was not as bad because I knew that i was not going to die, I reassured myself that I was ok and took deep breaths, concentrated on positive thoughts. I took an OTC acid reliever and I started to feel good within an hour of taking it. I will try the vit b and water with salt that others have suggested on here. I'm just glad that I am not the only one suffering from such a horrible thing and that we are not crazy, just releasing negative energy.

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