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Warm Prune juice is like a miracle relief for constipation. I was deathly ill in the hospital. Iron supplements and pain meds made the situation even worse.. If I was not going to die from the ailment i was in there for, I was sure my stomach would explode. So sick and painful. Nurse shifts changed and I'll never forget Nurse Florence ( I always referr to her as Florence Nightengale) brought me 2 coffee cups of heated (hot, but not too hot to drink) prune juice.. I had already tried it cold, but this did the trick within 10 mins. Whenever I remember, it still always does the trick, and quick. Apples also usually help, or some strong coffee, minus the sugar (add honey, since i see that helps in some other posts...but keep it black and strong. Godspeed you all to the restroom for relief at long last! Best Wishes.

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Thank you very much this worked the best for me as far as home remedies go!!


I am going to try this. I need some relief.


I'm in so much pain through this huge problem will give it a try..thank you ps good job I love prunes.

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