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OMG , i was going mad as my ear was totally blocked,felt like i was having an outer body experience, found this web site by accident.just used the olive oil and children's calpol syringe technique,was just going to give up after three jugs of water, then it started to fizz and a blob of wax came out and i can hear,so don't give up

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My earwax was so bad that I would wake up with headaches. People h ad to almost yell for me to be able to hear what they were saying. I followed the instructions above and it was absolutely incredible. I can hear again!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much .


Left ear was clogged bad:(( Nothing i did worked so i got on this page and just put some olive oil n my ear(not warmed) and put heating pad for 10mins, drained it and rinsed w/blue bulb syringe and it opened:))) HAPPY NOW and thx f/this page!!


Out of body.*
No. Just plugged earwax. Use hydrogen peroxide. Let it sit in yer ear for about 5 to ten minutes. Then rinse with comfortably warm water.


Pls tell me where will I get this syringe

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