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my mother told me this old trick and at first i didnt think it would work but suprisingly it helped out alot . take the tie from a bath robe and tie tightly around the painful part of the stomace . it should help ease the pain .

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Tuscan Equine

Does that sound unsafe to anyone but me?


Shannon, your mother must have been talking to a man when she got this advice. Absolutly this advice seems unsafe to me. That is not good for any part of your body, if it hurts or not. Their is such things as tylenol/advil and heat packs for pms issues. Never ever try a stupid, bogus, unsafe 'remedie' like this.


Sounds fine to me...applying pressure to my lower abdomen often helps relieve the on the same principle as massage.


Shannon, I wouldn't do this...applying pressure to it just squeezes the guts or what ever. Sure it helps, but in the end,it is really hurting you.

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