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This worked for me and saved me $300! My hearing had become distorted and I know I have a problem with excess wax so I go to a 'doc-in-a-box'. They say it is impacted pretty bad and it will cost $300+ and take an hour or two. I decline the costly procedure and find this website. I wanted to try the warm oil but I didn't have a bulb syringe. I go to Walmart and a bulb syringe is like $3 but they have a ear wax removal 'kit' right next to it for the same price which contains the bulb syringe and a solution with oil and peroxide. Scherer Labs 'E.R.O'. I apply the solution and let it set for about 20 minutes. I take the bulb syringe and fill it with warm water and flush the ear several times. I squirted the water in with pretty hard because gently wasn't doing anything. I had to repeat the solution and flushing about 2-3 times for each ear. Finally flakes of wax started coming out and finally a clumps of wax comes out. I repeated until nothing more come out. I can hear again!

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Both my kids had large black clumps in each ear :( had me worries..was gonna set up doc appntmnts then came across ur remedy on this site...I went to local dollar store n they had EAR WAX REMOVAL KIT for 3$..went home followed instructions n flushed out ears within 5 mins...worked like magic..I cudnt believe it..thank u for ur help :)


no one is spending 300 dolars when you can use something that caused 2 dollars

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