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To kill all of your fruit flies, buy a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 (fortified liquor), open it, and leave it out over night.

Your fruit flies will be gone within a day.

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no fly zone

WTF !!?? im trying to get rid of them not let them party hahaha


True,an,I hope you meant drink first then leave the empty bottle out,,cause that happens all the time,,lol peace.


Mad dog 20/20 will kill a human being. And I hope you find God before Jesus comes back.


this is got to be a recipie to get rid of barrr! fly's


Ncm..I agree with you totally ..I hope atheist finds some grace..freely on without God is like an unsharpened pencil..It has no point!


that's he saddest thing ive ever seend must have a dull life then^^^ lolol


Hes right alcohol attracts them and they do end up dying after swirming around it

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