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'm back and writing again just to testify that after 40 years of misery, I am now nearly


******** VINEGAR RULES!!! **************

I'm making spreading the word about VINEGAR instead of all the toxic anti-fungal creams and drugs my personal mission. I still fume when I think of all the money wasted, and the pain and suffering I needlessly endured

Finally The gritty hand towels I used for the ferocious itch at night is no longer in my nightstand. No more hours 'cleaning up' before a professional pedicure. No more ugly peeling feet on the beach. No more trying on only one shoe in the shoe store. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

VINEGAR is the way to go. Apple CIDER VINEGAR or WHITE VINEGAR either will do.
Some like to dilute and soak, personally I liked a full strength spray.

BUT, If for any reason you don't feel VINEGAR is working for you, no matter what cure you try, be sure to treat or disinfect ALL shoes, socks,and surfaces too. They are where the FUNGUS LIVES ON just waiting to RE-CONTAMINATE your feet.

That explains why all of the expensive creams only work for a while, The fungus is alive and well just waiting for you to run out of it.

No more drugs, chemicals or tricky concoctions keep it

*****safe and simple*******


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Try diluting with water if it's too strong. I soak my hands in a 50/50 mix vinegar/ water for dishydrotic eczema on my hands.

About to try it on my athletes foot...


Be sure you wash your socks in vinegar, add peroxide if they're all white. And use the same to clean your tub/shower. Use the peroxide first. Since it removes all organic dirt it makes cleaning the tub and many other areas a breeze. After that go ahead and spray vinegar all over the surface and live it. Also wash your bathroom rug w/ vinegar as well.

Vinegar does so many things from curing strep throat, treating burns, constipation, and the list goes on forever. I use vinegar for so many things when someone ask me what to use for their issue my kids just say 'vinegar'! I'm thrilled that it works on feet as well!


after 1 solid year of that demon fungus, it is gone !! straight white vinegar foot soak, 2 times a day for 30 minutes for one month...I had it blisters everyday for ONE YEAR ! I bought everything you can buy over the counter, things from other countries and tried about 50 home remedies...some of those remedies gave me horrible itchy rashes on the tops of my feet and ankles that were almost as bad as athletes foot ( bleach is one and aff-x is another ) vinegar is GENTLE ...I really didn't think it was going to work cause nothing else did...thought I was going to SUFFER with this the rest of my life...I am so glad it is gone...I wish I would have tried it first..BUT DONT GIVE UP..keep doing it even when new blisters are will get rid of it..and don't forget to soak your shoes in it and dry them in the sun,wash your socks, floors , sheets and tub in vinegar too...I even steam cleaned my carpets with vinegar

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