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'm back and writing again just to testify that after 40 years of misery, I am now nearly


******** VINEGAR RULES!!! **************

I'm making spreading the word about VINEGAR instead of all the toxic anti-fungal creams and drugs my personal mission. I still fume when I think of all the money wasted, and the pain and suffering I needlessly endured

Finally The gritty hand towels I used for the ferocious itch at night is no longer in my nightstand. No more hours 'cleaning up' before a professional pedicure. No more ugly peeling feet on the beach. No more trying on only one shoe in the shoe store. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

VINEGAR is the way to go. Apple CIDER VINEGAR or WHITE VINEGAR either will do.
Some like to dilute and soak, personally I liked a full strength spray.

BUT, If for any reason you don't feel VINEGAR is working for you, no matter what cure you try, be sure to treat or disinfect ALL shoes, socks,and surfaces too. They are where the FUNGUS LIVES ON just waiting to RE-CONTAMINATE your feet.

That explains why all of the expensive creams only work for a while, The fungus is alive and well just waiting for you to run out of it.

No more drugs, chemicals or tricky concoctions keep it

*****safe and simple*******


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Frank V.

I use vinegar for many other things, as an aftershave or as a mouthwash, was looking for something like this, since I have never been prone to this kind of problem I thought, I bet there is some natural way to fix this...thanks for the tip on the shoes. Anyway I am going to do all the tricks in here from the hot water to vinegar, but I was wondering, what about baking soda?? That desinfects and works as a deodorant, will it do something on my foot?? Anyway thanks, glad for you!!

wanna be happy feet

Hello Vinegar Guru!

Thanks for the tip! But how do you disinfect shoes? I am putting mine i the sun, but I am not sure it works?

Please share!


I have battled this for about 2 years, and has instant relief from the vinegar!!! I also used a disinfectant aerosol spray for sandals and shoes, and running alcohol just to be sure. But the vinegar took the itch away imediately!!!


For how long and how many times a day do you use the vinegar


Treat your shoes by spraying the insides with vinegar or some type of anti-fungal disinfectant like bleach or Lysol. Thoroughly clean every single pair of shoes you own, or get new shoes. I put mine out in the sun to dry because fungi grow in damp dark places. Pay special attention to areas of your shoes that correspond to the itch and peeling. AF is not always confined to the toes. Some people have the moccasin type which creeps up around the foot, and I read a post here where someone complained about an always itchy heel. It's my guess that its where there is a heavy concentration of the fungus in his shoe. This explains why it always comes back in spite of the meds. Also get new socks or soak the old socks in bleach or the vinegar/ water solution. BTW don't wash socks with underwear Jock itch is also a fungus.


soak a few times a week for maybe the first 2 weeks. be sure to go the distance with the scraping, and removal of all dead skin. After week two spray full strength after your shower and before putting on socks( pat dry) then again at night before going to bed letting your feet air dry.

keep a spray bottle on your night stand. if your feet get itchy during the night the vinegar will put the fire out right away so that you can sleep in peace.

I've read a few post here where people are successfully using Vicks Vapor Rub I'm thinking that it would be not only a good anti-fungal but also a great moisturizer so that your feet don't dry out from the acidic vinegar. I'm just not sure if there would be any problem with the combination some people have very sensitive skin.


Thank you so much .. this one goes along with the urine on the feet in the shower... We have our own acidic built in preventative/cure just too busy being clean. Too bad we are just shooting ourselves in the foot.

lou !!!

Vinegar rules, I soaked My feet for about 8 to 10 minutes and vinegar has perfect results....Thank you!!!!!!!



Get a bowl of warm water (40celsius) pour vinegar in it. Since most vinegar is only 5-6% you can put as much as you want. Try 100ml.

Keep your foot in for 20-30mins minumum. And do it as much as you need it a day. Once, twice, 3 or 4 times... It's the best.

I use tissues after I'm finished to pull off dead fungus. It cures you days or week. Just make sure you keep doing once a day for a month or so. To make sure your free of it.

Spread the word!


I have started soaking my foot in vinegar and it burns like crazy, almost unbearably. Is it supposed to burn like that?

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