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Remedy for BV..This actually works, the smell will be GONE!!!!

If you've ever used tea tree oil in the past, you know that undiluted tea tree oil has an incredibly strong, antiseptic smell. Don't let this deter you. If I were to choose, I'd have to say that the tea tree oil is the most effective of all potential natural remedies for the offensive odor associated with bacterial vaginosis. This treatment, however, is a bit more involved than the hydrogen peroxide douche. You will need tampons, tea tree oil and a bottle of olive oil.

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The tea tree oil treatment for BV.
The steps are as follows:

1. Pour a small amount of the olive oil into a container.

2. Push roughly one inch of the tampon from the applicator. Dip the tip of the tampon into the olive oil until it becomes saturated (5-10 seconds).

3. Pour a small amount of tea tree oil on the tampon after saturating it in the olive oil. The amount you use depends on you. You can apply the tea tree oil with a dropper, a q-tip or pour it directly onto the tampon. Try not to waste it, it isn't cheap.

4. Insert the tampon. Leave it there for a minimum of one hour. When you remove it, the smell will be gone.

Don't attempt to use tea tree oil without the olive oil base. The olive oil serves two purposes. First, it dilutes the tea tree oil to reduce any discomfort you may experience (the tea tree oil feels very cold upon insertion. Some women don't mind this while others find it unpleasant). Second, the olive oil provides a resting base for the tea tree oil. Without the olive oil, the tea tree oil would soak directly into the tampon and be less effective.

This treatment is beneficial because not only are you treating the odor of your bacterial vaginosis, you're also killing off bacteria. Tea tree oil cannot differentiate between good and bad bacteria, but starting with a semi-clean slate is better than allowing the bacterial vaginosis to continue.

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Did you have any symptoms


I tried this, and initially it worked really well. Within a few hours, it definitely killed the offending bacteria. The first day after the treatment, I thought I was coming back to normal- the foul odor was gone, and I was 'familiar' again. But after about 2 days, the balance shifted back towards the foul odor. My guess is that it was not an even enough distribution of the tea tree oil, and there must have been resistent pockets of the offending bacteria.
Anyway, I followed this with the Vitamin C suppository treatment (I used a 1000 mg tablet with bioflavanoids-- Ester C, bc that's what I had). This seemed to knock out the residual problem. I think it shifted the pH to much more acidic, and it enabled me to come back to my natural state.

Really grateful for the advice people are giving here!

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