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Hi, ladies. I currently have a yeast infection in my downstairs and I've tried a few remedies I found around the internet and I thought I'd share them. Yoghurt and garlic seem to be the most popular and I can see why, they do work. I dipped garlic in yoghurt and inserted it and after sitting down for about 10 minutes the irritation and itchiness is almost gone. Also, try some ice. It numbs it, I guess and it worked for temporary pain relief.

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Yes, I used 0% Fage Greek Yogurt. It worked almost right away. I used a medicine syringe and filled it with two tsp of yogurt and inserted it into my vagina. The itching stopped almost immediately. The next morning I did it again and will probably do so again tonight and one more day just to make sure the yeast infection is gone. I will never buy monistat ever ever ever again. I get BV and yeast infections several times a yea. I have never seen anything other than Diflucan work so fast. Let me also add that I am quick to go to the doctor but recently lost my health ins, so quite naturally I needed a quick, cheap solution and since I just so happen to have yogurt in my fridge, this was a no brainer. Oh, ans since the vagina is self cleaning, the yogurt will eventually make its way out. I wish I has discovered this ten years ago!

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