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for women who have an outbreak in your certainly relieves the pain but only for a bit. wipe the infected area with a hot or cold damp wash cloth then blow dry on cool. once the area is completely clean and dry, soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and hold onto area as long as you feel needed. then take a dry cotton ball (the jumbo ones work best) and stuff it in between your lips to keep the area dry thru the day. i also put a panty liner on just in case.obviously change out the cotton ball and panty liner often, especially after peeing. Speaking of! tilt your hips all the way back when peeing so the urine doesnt run onto the sores, then to wipe use a washcloth. eat super healthy and stay stress free if possible. and NO SEX!!!! cant say that enough..but im pretty sure the pain is enough to not have sex during an outbreak. i take the 3 day meds from the doctor to reduce the time but that doesnt take the pain away. so good luck, i know how much it sucks but try to stay positive!!

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