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I am 23 bisexual guy .got these ugly anal warts .. thanks to this site i started usin acv and the small ones are gone and the big one is gettin smaller in size .. apply aloevera gel at night cause it got healin properties . Big thumbs up for this site

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Hi. You said you're bisexual with anal warts. May I know your role when you are with men? I heard if you're the bottom one, it's easier to get anal warts. I'm gay btw


wat is meaant by ACV?tnx


acv means apple cider vinegar. and as far as only bottoms getting it....if ur putting a dick with the wart virus in ur butt then ur prob most likely gonna get warts in ur butt


hi dis is ragu age 25,i got anal warts, iam using podowart for this suggested by doctor after using this the smaller ones is gone and big ones became smaller, but after two days its came back, please suggest any permanent solution for this anal warts

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