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i love my vajayjay

AHHHHHH relief! I was miserable trying to sleep tonight because of a sudden yeast infection that popped up today (probably due to antibiotics from bronchitis). Read over all your suggestions and decided to give it a shot! I ran a bit of warm water in the bath tub maybe about 3 inches or so, (i didn't measure because i really didn't give a crap how much i was using i just wanted relief!) dumped in a bunch of salt, some white vinegar, some peroxide and a ton of minced garlic. Sat in there for about 15 minutes soaking the V and wiping it out as good as i could. Oh and also put some salt straight on the washcloth and let it sit between my V lips for a bit, it stung but is such a relief from the itching. I rinsed off my legs with clean water and dried well with a towel. Will this cure? i dont know, i dont care, will call doc in the morning and get some meds but for now I feel wonderful!!! I smell a bit like chicken dinner but i dont caaaaare i'm going to bed :)

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Thank you for posting this. I followed your directions and feel so much better! I didn't measure the salt, vinegar or peroxide. I just threw some in my bath, plus a few cubes of frozen crushed garlic and feel a million times better! Oh, and I used apple cider vinegar as I was out of white vinegar and that worked great. The salt did burn so I splashed it away. Thank again for your post. Now I can sleep tonight! Damn antibiotics.

i love my vajayjay

so glad that worked for ya! update...i never had to call the Dr and get the pink pill for the infection, I felt fine in the morning, repeated the bath that night and didnt have the issue anymore.
I noticed I seem to have a PH balance issue especially right before my period, I get a bit red, itchy and tender in the region. Not near as bad as a yeast infection but annoying, pretty sure I have a BV problem. Going to try plain greek yogurt inserted every night at bedtime after my bath and see how it goes this month. will update!


Thank you for your post. I was up most of the morning dying of itch. I also just put a bit of hot water in tub,white vinegar,salt,and minced garlic .the only thing I didnt have was peroxide. I also used a wet cloth with salt on it and held it on lips of my vagina. Stung but after washed out it was relief . Thanks again,finally slept

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