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I have stretch marks and I have had them for about 2 years (or since I was 12) when puberty hit me HARD! I also gained weight from an unbalanced diet and now I am trying to get in shape and I have been somewhat successful! But the stretch marks get worse! So recently (this moning) I started up my old remedies again. To anyone with this problem I would suggest a strict regime. First, get a body scrub and a loofah an scrub a lot till your stretch mark area is pink. Then, rinse that off and put a thick lotion on (my favorite is Ceraphil or Eucerin). Finally put on your clothes. Another thing I suggest that I plan to start up soon is getting a 100% Shea butter stick and putting it on those stretch marks then massaging it in. That worked wonders for me last year. My best advice though is dont worry about it! No one really cares (or notices) but you so do all in your power that you can but be confident! Go swim!

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hi im esha im 15 my puberty did the same thing ive lost 175 pounds now i gaind it from puberty and my advice to u to lose the wait is walking or riding a bike alot and only eat one meal a day but it has to be luch or breakfast u dont want to eat before bed and then u can have three snacks a day and if u drink alot of soda cut down on it a lil and drink brisk tea or something


You are the kind of people I hang ou with! I have strech marks on my thighs, laps,breast,butt and my arms... I feel so bad because my friends don't make it easy for me!!! Im just 13 and i can wear only clothes that cover those parts... I need no more help cos i dnt give a fuck anymore!!!

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