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Ok. Boils are nothing to play with. I have one on the inner thigh about the size of a two year olds fist. There is no way to describe the pain except to say it brought me to tears today. After reading all of the remedies, I went to cvs and got the cvs brand Monistat 3 called Micinazole 3 yeast infection relief. I got maximum strength boil relief and Ichthammol ointment. I took a hot shower and soaked the boil with a hot hot as you can stand it. First I used the boil relief and got a little relief. Then I took the yeast infection relief and some maximum strength Anbesol and put that on the boil. I laid down at 5:30p. When I got up at about 7:15p I was cleaning up this yuk and drainage. I washed up, applied the last three creams I mentioned and laid back down to write this remedy. I feel nothing near how I felt earlier today. Hope it works. Thank you for your comments.

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I have the same problem right now. I am trying what you have proposed. Will let you know if it works. This boil hurts soooo bad!


Im trying it. Now I hope it works


Did it work??

Boil face

I've got one in my face, it doesn't hurt that bad but it's just terrible to walk around with I hope this remedie works


Have a look at Hidrinatus Surapativa. Thats what the lumps are on the inner thigh. I suffered for 14 years before i knew what it was. Had over 10 operations to have them drained and lanced. still get them to this date and no cure ever for it.

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