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Dr. Fernandez

This will literally disolve any blackheads so this is what you need! In a small bowl mix peroxide and oxiclean. Mix 2 Tablespoons peroxide and 2 Tablespoons oxiclean. Powder or the spray both work fine for the oxiclean. Once mixed put a cotton ball in mixture to soak up solution and rub all over nose or problem area and continue to do so for 10 minutes then rince with (cold) water. Enjoy!!

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I tried this with less oxyclean and some hot water to dissolve it but it really worked. Not perfect the first time but at least 85% better! Very smooth skin and it brings the big ones to the surface for easier removal.


That cannot be healthy.


OxiClean is just powdered peroxide albeit a bit stronger than it's liquid cousin. I wouldn't put in my mouth but I can see nothing wrong with using it topically in small areas. Peroxide is naturally in your body and is what makes your hair turn white and it's used every day as a means of whitening teeth, whiting clothes, bleaching hair and skin, an oral astringent, topical disinfectant, etc. etc. I gargle with peroxide before I brush my teeth and have done so for years. Peroxide wouldn't be sold in stores if there were a danger or a public heath issue and the same goes for OxiClean. I don't believe a mixture of a little bit peroxide and OxiClean is going to cause anymore damage than using Oxy facial scrub or scrubbing pads which contain a mild acid.


The reason Peroxide works is because it is H2O2 chemically. Once it goes into the pores it breaks down into H2O(water) and O2 (stable oxygen). That is what pushes things up and out of the pore. Also it kills most bacteria that lives in puncture wounds (the O2 basically suffocates them).

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