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Well, I'll just tell you what has been working for me and what has not.

I went through dengue fever and flu pretty much one after the other. I was on vacation when all this was happening and conditions were very warm and humid. Needless to say, my immune-system got a bit of a jolt and I developed AC for the first time in my life. I am normally never sick so this was a real setback!

Never had this before and it has been real pain in the A! It lasted for 3 months! I have tried the dish-washing soap, vaseline, hydrocortizon, differnt fungal creams(some even worsened the conditions). Nothing was helping.

Then I realized what the problem was. Once you get AC it is VERY HARD to get rid of it. Especially if your lips fold over a little bit at the corners as mine do. This enables your saliva, even tiny amounts, to squeeze through here and make the conditions for AC perfect! And it goes 'round and around.

Don't get me wrong, the dish-washing soap and vaseline did help to an extent. I got rid of the worst part which was big white layers that would crack. In the morning it would look like it was almost completely gone, but never completely.

Solution that helped me:

Whenever I felt that saliva was wetting the area, even close to AC in the corners, I'd take a clean napkin and dry it completely off! EVERY TIME! Then I'd put a very thin layer of zinc-cream to dry even faster. The AC dries and dies, because the conditions are no longer humid and wet but completely dry. Though you have to be disciplined. You can't miss drying those corners!! This thing will continue to grow as soon as it gets the chance!

Hope this helps. I feel for everyone that has this condition.

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nurse Dodson

Now that sounds like a good something to try! Before i just used carmex, & it worked pretty well. But I'm going to try keeping my mouth dry & using the zinc! THANKS!

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