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This sounds crazy grandmother had Sumac and figured this one out on her own.She went to the store and bought a can of original Right Gaurd Deodorant. For some reason it has to be the brown can only.The drying agent in the formula stopped the Sumac dead in its tracks and dried it up in 3 days.She thought to herself,if it dries up drippy wet armpits,it cant hurt to try. It didnt burn either.I tried it on my hands,which were covered with Sumac going up my wrists, and dried it up in 2 days.I applied it 3 times a day.For poison on your neck or face,I would use caladryl,I dont spray anything near my face.Im not saying it works for everyone and if your alergic to some deodorants,then dont try this.And dont scratch obviously or touch your eyes.

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