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Ive been suffering from chronic hives for over 8 years. I find that reactine is a temporary solution and when it starts wears off it makes the hives worst than it started. i finally figured it out after this long.

I fought my hives mentally, it took 3 week for it to fade away and i was hive and reactine free for 1 year. One day, 2 years later (curent now) it started and i took a reactine thinking it would be one time only and here i go again. I am ready to fight it again because i know it works mentally.

also, go to health store, and get dapis gel. This helps me alot to eliminate any itches when the hives start.

the goal is to fight it completely and ignore the itches.

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Very interesting - you give me hope. How did you do it mentally? Just by ignoring it? - I've had hives for four years, no one knows the source. I've been taking a generic version of reactine, about half a tablet every other day to control them. It gets bad when I stop taking it. So I guess you just stopped taking it, it got bad and then started fading?

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