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Drink water and lots of it though out the day and evenings. Don't just gulp it all down at once but sip it so that the body absorbs it rather than in one end and out the other. It's worked for me!! Try it for a few days. I swear it will work for you.

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bruce walter

I have had severe restless legs syndrome and under specialist care for the last 15 years. I had been placed on 1mg of cabaret which ha used for treatment of parkinson disease. The adverse effect is hardening of the arteries. In desperation I tried wearing bed. It worked and I have been off my tablets for 4 weeks with no sign of restless legs. Believe me it works but I don't know how but I don't really care as I am cured

bruce walter

Previous comment from bruce should have red sox not six


Previous comment from Bruce is a little confusing. If I am correct it appears that he is advocating the wearing of 'Red Sox' to bed as a cure for RLS. Well Mr. Bruce Sir, I am a Yankees fan and I must tell you that RLS is preferable to the Red Sox!!! I have cousins in Chicago, could White Sox possibly be substituted?

Kim Jong-un

Greeting fellow scientists! Very happy find this site. Here in North, we too always very scientific, very natural. AVOID BIG PHARMA! I always natural. I use periodic table of elements. Nothing more natural than elements - building blocks of life. When my people pain, I pain too! I use the elements. I like element Pb. When my people pain, I have about 1/4 ounce Pb vigorously applied to their foehead. Must be vigorous for brain to absorb. Pain always gone then. All natural, NO BIG PHARMA! Bye from People Republic.

Kim Jong-un

In previous post typist misspelled forehead. She get double dose of Pb. No more pain. :)


WTF these comments are insane, apply lead to your forehead?! Lead is toxic!


Dear Pleezbesane: Lead or Pb applied to the forehead in the form of a 7.62X39 mm rifle cartridge is very toxic. Get the reference to Kim Jong-Un of North Korea now? Understand how it is applied vigorously?

Brother Moonbeam

Wow, I thought Pb was peanut butter. Still better than Big Pharma!

Amused Observer

The trolls troll the trolls on this site. About 23 pages ago there is the person that says RLS is all in your mind. About 11 pages ago there is the guy standing barefoot in his basement because RLS is caused by a buildup of static electricity. Then there is the woman who is on mirapex, ambien, and hydrocodone, but she is touting vitamin E as the 'cure'. Sort of like having open heart surgery and crediting your rabbits foot for solving your cardiac issues. In between we have magnets, bars of soap, the guy that advocates making figure eight motions with your left arm and left leg ONLY, and herbal remedies galore. Much fun is being had by all.

bobby hite

knees on booster with heat underneath helps me.

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