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Shaun Ferrara

I'm a sexually active gay male (bottom) and being the person who plays the passive role gives me the higher chance of getting genital herpes around my anus and the perianal areas. I have been getting outbreaks one after another every month since my initial outbreak in November 2011 and the worst thing is that it attacked my urethra that each time I pee is like an incision going through down there. I've tried all sorts of natural remedies but I found these two helped me a lot. I no longer suffer from any outbreak.'s totally stopped and I'm so happy about it.

1) Bee Propolis. 1 gm three times a day.
2) Black Seed Oil. 1gm once a day.

After three weeks taking these stuff, my painful urination stopped and I don't have any outbreak. I drink a lot of water and avoid nuts and caffeine.

Ps: I only took acyclovir during my initial outbreak.

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I haven't tried black seed but I could swear that Bee Propolis mixed with honey 2-3 times a day really works!!! I'll give black seed a try.


Do you take capsules of both or what? Help please!!!

Shaun Ferrara

Sorry for the late reply

I'm taking the ones in SOFTGELS for Propolis and the Black Seed Oil. The propolis is fresh extract in liquid form encapsulated in softgel of 500 mg each. The same goes to the Black Seed Oil


Hey Shaun. How long do you have to take these supplements? Or is this an 'everyday for the rest of my life' kinda' thing? :-/

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