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While in basic training at Fort Knox Kentucky (Poison Ivy capital of the USA) a soldier contracted PI so severely that his hands and between his fingers blistered. His cure was very simple, a cup of bleach to about a sink full of water. This cured his PI in about three days. No blisters or itch after soaking in the bleach/water bath. I verified this cure with my family Dr later after I had gotten out (and using it myself many times) and he agreed that it works, also suggested that I take a washcloth soaked with bleach & water next time I went hiking/camping.

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The bleach will evaporate to the air pretty quickly from a washcloth. Maybe a small container?


thanks for the idea...tho i didnt have just plain bleach, i used Clorox disinfecting wipes...i just laid it on my arm for a bit and rinsed with plain cold water and got the same results...this maybe an idea for you next adventure...they hold up great in ziploc bags...once again thanks for a great remedy..


So glad you posted this. My husband told me he had poison ivy last night and asked my opinion for something to put on it. When I told him about the old fashioned remedy of bleach and water he thought I was crazy. Still complaining a day later, i decided to search the web for other alternatives. When I read him your solution of bleach water, he ran to the bathroom with the bleach. He's huge into military, so it helped tremendously coming from a Serviceman.


Bleach always works! When taking it hiking just double zip lock bag it and it will stay moist!

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