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Use of home remedies are great for the 'outside' or visible that you can see. For the 'inside' or invisible you cant see, do a 'cellular' cleanse. Yes, the boil hurts like heck right now but whatever is causing the boils to return is what you should focus on. Do you want results or remedy? When we have 'toxin build up' our body will fight to get rid of the foreign matter tthrough our organs. The skin is the largest organ we have. I am 40 yrs old & have had reoccuring boils since I was 13. I began to write down what I ate within a day or so of any sign of a boil (buttock area). I discovered when I eat chicken with skin on within a day, I notice a boil. Also, around menstruation. I also drink Pau d Arco tea and a lid of Apple Cider vinegar. After discovering how to do a 'cellular' cleanse I vary rarely have them anymore.

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That's weird. I just made pollo asado with bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs this week. And my cycle just ended yesterday. I have a boil on my knee and I can't even bend it, so I've been using crutches the past few days. Now I'm going to research a cellular cleanse because this is either fact or a coincidence.

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