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EPSOM SALT baths. Epsom salt can be bought at any drug store or pharmacy (I.e. Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade). Costs less than 5 dollars, usually comes in a milk carton looking container. Normally found near ointments or joint care. Epsom salts are good for joint discomfort or bruisng. After long work outs or stress on the body a bath of epsom salts can be soothing and rejuvenating. Or in this case for clearing up eczema. Also while your at a drug store consider picking up some aquafour. Good for scars and healing. Better than triple biotic ointment can be found near cream and lotions.
For bath:
Draw a warm bath. Add atleast 3/4ths cup epsom salts. Soak for about 30 minutes or until fingers become pruny. Can shower after if desired. May also just use say a bowl of epsom salt and water solulent and soak a hand or foot instead of whole body. Do as many times as once as week, more or less as desired. Should see complete results in a day or two after single use. Should yeild some irritation relief instantly.
In extreme desparation I rub a concentrated mixture of epsom salts with a small amount of water. Creating a kind of rub or mild abrasive. Use this on cronic effected areas even letting stand for about 5 minutes. Again expect complete results in a day or two.
About me:
I suffer from mild eczema mainly on my hands and arms. Sometimes it spreads to other parts of my body. Small bumpy, itchy, dry, red patches. I break out with season changes, stress, irriated akin, and sometimes I think for no reason. Drives me crazy and looks embaressing. I have only dealt with eczema for a few years. I didn't know at age 19 what was happening to me. I have tried prescribed steroid creams and find I need more and more. They are not good for you, they cause skin thinning and discoloration (which I noticed at 22 after a few weeks use). Of course it works its a steroid that's what it does but it is only temporary. I have used over the counter creams, thick moisterizers, fab diets, anything I thought would work. I sometimes would just experiment I was desperate.
But what works for me as a natural, inexpensive, safe, and soothing way is an epsom salt bath. It is refreshing and even though you don't see immediate results you start to feel them. Then in a day the outbreak will disapear completely. If I feel an outbreak coming on I take a bath. Sometimes I delay and try and deal with it. I don't have a lot of time to soak and then shower with a busy NY schedule. But after my baths and it disapears I'm always surprised I don't do it sooner.
Hope this helps!

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I enjoy Epsom Salt Bathes also. But my plumber warned me that the salts bind to the pipes causing major plumbing cost. It happened to me, I had to pay - I didn't know. So, let this be known.

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