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I just need to thank almost all of y'all! I'm 15 and I live with my grandma and sister. I started getting a yeast infection a few days ago. Try sitting in a desk for 7 hours a day with your vagina itching like heck. Yeah not fun. I wanted to die. I know I should probably have went to see a doctor because 'I'm so young and I may not know what's going on' but in at that awkward stage. I didn't want to tell my 65 year old grandma my vagina felt like it was on fire. And I tried to tell my sister casually but then she thought I was trying to tell her I was pregnant. Er no, I know to wait till marriage. Anyway that was off topic. Instead I wanted to try home remedies. I didn't have half the stuff that I read but I did have salt! I mixed a bottle of water with some salt and put it on and in my area. That worked like a charm!

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Did the salt burn at all?


It burned when I did it but thank u 15 year old I'm now able to fall asleep comfortably. I did a salt bath and applied salt directly to the burning area and it hurt yes but I took the pain when I couldn't take it nomore I gently dropped into my bath water and rinsed myself off with the salt water I drawn. Then got out patted myself very carefully making sure I didn't leave no moisture. Then climbed into bed with no panties r shorts leaving my legs slightly apart to let my 'girl' breath and it got rid of the burning pain I was dealing with. I strongly recommend!


HI. Question.. does this remedies cure YI or is it just to relief the itching and the pain temporarely?


Did you use table salt? What type of salt should i use?


This is my first YI too . I don't have myperiod yet but I'm 15 so I've never shoved anything like a tampon up my vjj I'm gonna try this salt thing today when I get home from school and I'll repost if table salt works

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